In honour of the power of stories – Storytel Awards Gala






Communications and media relations,

“Stories move us right now perhaps more than ever.” That was the starting point for Mellakka’s idea to highlight stories and audio books in the form of a gala. Mellakka has been responsible for the production and planning of the 2020-2023 Storytel Awards Gala for the Swedish audiobook subscription service, and our collaboration continues.

Storytel brings stories to every moment of everyday life and opens up the opportunity for people to immerse themselves in stories wherever and whenever. Stories inspire, develop, relax and shape, and at their best they act as a catalyst in the face of the biggest changes.

In 2020, due to the pandemic, the gala took shape in a virtual format on short notice, and in 2021, the virtual implementation was raised to a new level. In 2022, the gala was finally realised as a live event at the Valkoinen Sali venue in Helsinki for 120 guests.

In 2023, the gala was held in the banqueting room of the Helsinki-based Restaurant Töölö for 170 guests. The historic canopy kiosk in front of the venue was also used for the following activations:

Storytel fairytale forest wildflower kiosk – According to the theme of the event, the flower installations of the Fairytale Forest were dismantled the night before and made into wildflower bouquets the next day. @storytel_fi published an Instagram story informing followers that from 3pm they could pick up their own bouquet of wildflowers for free to brighten up the weekend. All the flowers were distributed within a few hours.

Storytel Snack Bar – Guests were served hot dogs after the awards ceremony and until the end of the party, so guests didn’t have to go home hungry.

“The distribution of flowers from the kiosk was certainly the best gesture of the year, and the flowers in the hall were among the most wonderful I have seen.” Consumer feedback

“What a cool idea. Normally, the flowers would have gone to waste.” Consumer feedback

Mellakka Events was responsible for the conceptualisation and planning of the gala, including production, script, visuals, graphic production, information and media work, social media plan, assembling the award juries and video production.

“Definitely the best ever.”

-Tuuva Harjanne, Commercial Manager Storytel
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