Total takeover of social media makes known overnight






Swedish fashion e-commerce company wanted to enter the Finnish market in a spectacular way. We did it by renting an entire hotel in the centre of Helsinki and transforming it into a Nelly hotel for a day.

Since was still a relatively unknown Swedish online store in Finland, our task was to build awareness quickly. has traditionally targeted lifestyle influencers who are not only interested in fashion themselves, but so are their followers. The client chose the festive season as the theme, as there were a lot of festive clothes and accessories in the selection at that time.

To emphasise the theme, we rented the newly renovated Radisson Seaside Hotel for a day and changed the name on the rooftop sign to Nelly Hotel. We organised a 24-hour Nelly simulator for the guests, in which the hotel restaurant, lobby, banquet facilities, rooms and suites were decorated in the Nelly look into an overall experience in line with the brand. We invited more than 400 guests to the party, including Finland’s most famous influencers and artists, as well as Nordic influencers. The programme included dressing up, of course, but also dinners and a proper party that included performances by the internationally successful Alma and other stars.

The end result was a total takeover of social media, glitter and gold for 24 hours.

Our collaboration with that started here continued for several years, and each year we made PR promotions both big and small in Finland and around the world.

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