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Mellakka has had the pleasure of being the ongoing partner of Fiksuruoka on its journey of rapid growth and international expansion since 2020. During this cooperation, we have strategically built up the company’s visibility in the media and on the social media channels of influencers step by step through various campaigns and from different angles. Our long-term and close collaboration has created the right conditions for increasing visibility and promoting the company’s mission.

Fiksuruoka Juhani Järvensivu

The annual highlight of our collaboration is Surplus Food Week (Hävikkiviikko) held each year in September, during which we have set a target of reaching as many Finns as possible while challenging and inspiring everyone to participate in reducing food waste. In 2021, Mellakka challenged three influencers and the CEO of Fiksuruoka to live for a week on surplus food. Lifestyle influencers Jutta Larm, Arttu Mustonen and Sara Schafak took up the challenge together with Juhani Järvensivu from

In 2022, Mellakka invited celebrity chefs Sikke Sumari, Harri Syrjänen, Jaakko Luomanen, Linnea Vihonen and Petra Väänänen to offer tips from a professional point of view on how to reduce food waste. As part of the campaign, the influencers lived for a week only on surplus food. They purchased their food from the surplus food online store, hunted for foods marked with red price tags in stores and visited surplus food restaurants.

Timing was key: the campaign was implemented a week in advance. This gave us a great opportunity right at the start of Surplus Food Week to offer the media four different influencers to interview with fresh and personal experience of living on surplus food. It also made the ultimate goal of challenging Finns to take part in Surplus Food Week more topical.

The campaign gained broad visibility in various media: influencers and representatives of Fiksuruoka have been interviewed by the likes of nationwide TV channel MTV3, nationwide tabloid newspaper Iltalehti and several radio stations. In addition, of course, a huge amount of visibility has been achieved on the social media channels of influencers while also creating interesting content on Fiksuruoka’s own social media channels.

Fiksuruoka mainos hävikki


  1.  In 2020, before we got to work, we carried out a situational review of Fiksuruoka’s media visibility. In just one year we managed to triple it. At the same time, the team did amazing work and managed to triple the company’s revenues.
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