Love is electricity – Vaasan Sähkö’s PR campaign makes TV news repeatedly




Vaasan Sähkö


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Emotions, such as love, are manifested as electrical impulses in the human body. These impulses are measurable, which in turn makes love measurable. This observation was at the heart of the “Love is Electricity” campaign created for a Finnish energy company Vaasan Sähkö in 2020.

Three PR promotions sought visibility on the channels of influencers, social media engagement and visibility in the media, all of which was achieved in abundance – including the TV news.

Mellakka designed three PR promotions for Vaasan Sähkö that highlighted the link between electricity and love in a very concrete way. The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the events-based promotions, so the plans were modified on the fly and switched to digital channels.

The first promotion was the “Finnish Championships in Pet Adoration” to find the most loving pet owner in Finland. Well-known celebrities who are also pet owners were invited to kick off the competition and create a boost for it. The emotional bond between the celebrities and their pets was measured with scientific precision and analytically. The social media competition, which was open to the public and held on Vaasan Sähkö’s channels, culminated in the final.

In the summer 2020, “Love Container” transformed the promotion and lead collection tour into a work of art. Renowned Finnish artist Teemu Keisteri designed the love container with his colorful and graphic style. Mellakka announced the event in local events columns, like a real art exhibition. The goal was nationwide media visibility, as well as visibility in the local media of each tour location. This was 100% successful, especially as this promotion also made it onto the TV news.

Ukkelikeisteri vaasansähkö

The year 2020 culminated in the search for the greatest Finnish love song of all time. Mellakka returned again to the idea of measuring. This time, Mellakka used video analytics algorithms and facial recognition technology to reveal which of the greatest widely recognised love songs of all time evoke the most emotion. Mellakka mixed the songs and they were played to the subjects under neutral conditions. Their reaction was videotaped and then the algorithm did its magic. All of this once again generated visibility on social media and other media.


  1. The exceptional PR promotions for the “Love is Electricity” campaign were covered by both national and local news media.
  2. The campaign was visible in a fun and personal way on the social media channels of Finnish influencers and the public.
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