An electric superbike that reaches an enormous amount media visibility around the world




Verge Motorcycles


Communications and media relations,
Consulting and coaching,
Strategic planning

Verge Motorcycles develops and manufactures an electric superbike, a unique combination of groundbreaking design and forward-thinking technology. The secret behind Verge’s bikes is the integrated rim motor inside the rear wheel, which enables a larger battery, longer range and explosive performance.

Mellakka and Verge Motorcycles started their collaboration in November 2022 when Verge announced their new model Verge TS Pro and that they will start manufacturing their long-awaited electric motorcycles.

Mellakka has been Verge’s lead agency since then and is responsible for the company’s global communications and PR. Mellakka helps Verge Motorcycles with strategic communications and PR activities in the relevant markets around the globe.

Mellakka has been implementing global PR activities for Verge’s announcements with amazing results. The work has included press releases, media pitching, coordinating media test rides and press events as well as handling media relations.

Press release after press release crossed the global news threshold in all desirable media such as La Repubblica (IT), Welt (DE), The Verge, Top Gear and Interesting Engineering.

Photo: Verge Motorcycles


Photo: Verge Motorcycles

Q1 / 2023

Verge TS Ultra launch
Announcement of the US market launch
Funding round
Announcement of the Advisory Board
Ride Beyond Tour release

Media hits: 987
Potential reach 9 MRD
Estimated reach 225 M

Q2 / 2023

Mika Häkkinen partnership model launch
Verge’s flagship store opens in Monaco
Eurotour in Central and Southern Europe.
Formula 1 GP Monaco
Launch of Tesla charging system in the USA

Media hits: 862
Potential reach 3.7 MRD
Estimated reach 92,8 M

Photo: Verge Motorcycles

Q3 / 2023

Ride Beyond Tour: Germany, Norway, Sweden
IAA Mobility event in Munich.
Mark Wilson joins Verge as CFO
Haydn Baker and Alan Foster appointed to the team

Media hits: 126
Potential reach 1.1 MRD
Estimated reach 2,9 M

Q4 / 2023
Appointment news
Funding round
LA Auto Show, California edition
Starmatter launch

Media hits: 588
Potential reach 1.7 MRD
Estimated reach 42,5 M

Photo: Verge Motorcycles
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