Saimaan Tuore – The fish that swam against the stream and became the number one Finnish fish brand




Saimaan Tuore / Finnforel


Communications and media relations,
Social media and content production,
Strategic planning,
Sustainability communications

No. 1 fish brand in Finland. That was the number one goal when Mellakka was given the task of promoting Saimaan Tuore’s genius fish products produced according to the principles of a sustainable circular economy were going to do nothing more or less than transform the entire market.

When the company behind Saimaan Tuore, Finnforel approached Mellakka, the product was still very much on the design table and the revolutionary recirculating aquaculture plant was still under construction. The more Mellakka learned about the plans, the clearer it became that the entire fish farming chain from fish eggs to fish on the plate had been rethought in a completely new way.

Saimaan Tuore really is a fish that swims against the stream in many ways. The first Finnish fish that could compete against imported fish that dominated the market, “Norwegian salmon”. The benefits of the recirculating aquaculture that Saimaan Tuore uses are overwhelming: 100 percent of the fish is used, it consumes 99 percent less water than traditional fish farming, the fish can be caught and packaged in an hour, no wastewater is discharged into the waterways at all, and most importantly: fish is available steadily all year round, rain or shine.

Mellakka’s contribution to the launch could be described as holistic. We planned a content marketing campaign for Finnish fish farming, created a website with its content, designed social media content and tone of voice, built social media marketing, designed and implemented media communications and did everything else needed to launch the new brand.

The launch was so fast-paced that stores ran out of the fish in a week. Since fish do not grow by rushing or feeding them in a hurry, stores had to wait another three months for more. We then started again, and since then we have made people aware of the future of aquaculture one filet at a time.

New challenges have been created by increasing annual production to a million kilos, managing the value chain piece by piece, and the anticipated tripling of production in the future. And that’s not all, because the client always thinks big. They now plan to export their entire recirculating aquaculture chain to the rest of the world – not just the fish, but the entire production chain!

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