Pink ribbon message out through influencers – record results speak for themselves




Roosa nauha



The Pink Ribbon campaign aims to spread the powerful message about cancer to as wide an audience as possible. The campaign is widely distributed across a wide range of media in a variety of ways and the overall campaign evolves each year, both with the designer and through new and exciting collaborations.

For example, in 2023, a Pink Ribbon event was organised for both media and influencers, and as one activation of the 2022 campaign, restaurants in Helsinki participated by serving pink dishes.

Mellakka has supported the Pink Ribbon campaign since 2019.

As part of the recurring multi-channel campaign, one of our goals year on year is organic visibility on influencers’ social media channels. Unlike in the past, in 2022 we focused our activations on two specific events – a broadcast from the ribbon’s designer Maria Veitola and a lunch for influencers.

In order to raise consumer awareness of the campaign, we organised an influencers’ lunch on the day of the campaign launch. Guests were able to sample Pink Ribbon dishes while Maria Veitola opened up to them about her own relationship with the campaign. Each guest shared content from the event on social media, and the stories reflected the importance and purpose of the campaign as well as the Pink Ribbon Dishes. The luncheon was attended by a large group of popular influencers such as Vappu Pimiä and Anna Puu, making it a great success.

The 2023 capitalisations were again carried out in two parts: A PR mailing and an event. In addition, Mellakka organised a sparring session for its Pink Ribbon corporate partners, which covered topics such as how to highlight brand values, social media trends and guidelines for marketing their own Pink Ribbon products.

In the broadcast, the Pink Ribbon and a personalised letter were attached to a bouquet designed by Apulanta, which also helped to connect partners to the activation itself. The list of recipients consisted of Finland’s top influencers, artists and media personalities.

The event took place in the Chéri restaurant in the centre of Helsinki, in the colour scheme of the pink ribbon. The space was decorated by Mellaka with minimalist, light-coloured bouquets and leaflets with donation information were placed on the tables. The total number of invited guests was 52 and included influencers, journalists, speakers and performers. Almost every influencer who attended the event published touching content about the event.

Roosa nauha 2023 tapahtuma
Roosa nauha 2023 tapahtuma

In addition to Instagram Feed posts, TikTok videos and articles, the 2023 campaign package generated a whopping 220 Instagram Story clips, a unique number compared to other similar packages.

In addition to the number of publications, the high quality was maintained and the concept, objectives and message of the entire collection were clearly communicated to consumers across Finland.

In other words, we again achieved the main objective of the Pink Ribbon campaign, which was a major part of the staggering collection result for 2023.


  1. The pink ribbon has increased its collection pot every year. The 2023 campaign raised another record: 5,3 million.
  2. The PR event attracted hundreds of hits, reaching more than 2,2 million people.
  3. The quality of the social media content achieved the campaign’s main objectives: spreading awareness, the importance of donating and the donations themselves.
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