Best-selling Finnish biography of all time with one promotion




Siltala Kustannus


Communications and media relations,

What could go wrong when you invite a few too many journalists to a karaoke bar and present them for two hours with a Formula One driver whose trademark is taciturnity? When you do it with respect, then nothing of course.

The Unknown Kimi Räikkönen by the Finnish author Kari Hotakainen was published in August 2018, and by the end of the year it had broken all records: the best-selling biography, the best-selling audiobook and the best-selling sports book of all time in Finland. And many of the translation rights that had been sold hadn’t even had time to bear fruit yet. When the book came out, more than 600 newspaper articles were published about it in the first week alone.

This was all achieved with one respectful press conference coordinated down to the last detail – nothing else was needed!

”At an early stage of Kari Hotakainen’s Unknown Kimi Räikkönen book project, we noted that the launch of the book and the creation of a media strategy will require the kind of PR skills that we have no experience with as a publishing house. This was the start of a very fulfilling and stress-free collaboration with Mellakka, the end result of which was a perfectly executed book launch event. One can only marvel at this end result: hundreds of magazine articles, live broadcast of the event on several different channels, and record sales for the book. All this was achieved without haste and with respect to the author and subject. As a publishing house, we couldn’t be more satisfied with the end result. We have continued to collaborate successfully after this, and based on my experience, I can warmly recommend Mellakka Helsinki to everyone”

Arto Forsten, Sales and Marketing Manager, Kustannussakeyhtiö Siltala


  1. 600 articles in the media during publication week
  2. The best-selling biography, sports book, audiobook of all time in Finland
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