Facing something new – charity supported by 150 Finnish top artists




Toivon Kärki ry


Communications and media relations,
Strategic planning

Charity song called Uuden Edessä (“Facing Something New”) by two Finnish top musicians Lauri Tähkä and Timo Kiiskinen took off like a rocket with the support of more than 150 Finnish musicians.

Immediately on its release, the song became a huge topic of conversation both in the Finnish media and on social media – even Finnish President Sauli Niinistö praised the idea and implementation on his Twitter account. The aim of the campaign was to raise funds for the Finnish Red Cross Youth Shelters.

Overall, the amount of earned visibility was huge. The artists, the media, the Finnish Red Cross, record companies, Spotify, other actors in the music industry and, of course, Finns who fell in love with the new song enthusiastically shared it on social media.

Mellakka was involved in planning the campaign and was also responsible for communications and media relations.


  1. Media coverage reached 3,439,074 readers, which is a remarkable number in a reasonably small country like Finland. On the first day, nearly a million Finns were reached. In its first week of release, the song climbed to number one on the Spotify Finland TOP 50 list.
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