Events are an effective way of building brand visibility. Mellakka has a long history of implementing events and increasing their impact through communications, influencer marketing and social media.

Mellakka can assist with all event-related needs, from PR events and event communications to conceptualising and producing events of all sizes. Mellakka’s unique office space is available to our clients for hosting their PR events.

PR events offer a physical contact interface with the brand and are a way to engage and bring the brand closer to people. A well-planned event is in tune with the times and engages guests with curated content. The overall impression is capped off by details that are meticulously thought through. Mellakka has a vision of how to execute exciting and memorable events, including how to select the target group, the invited guests and the content.

Event communications cover the entire communications spectrum, the interaction from the box office to the event experience, including strategy, crisis communications, planning and implementation at the event itself. Communications must be timely and year-round. In addition to earned visibility, communications cover consulting and reputation management.

Mellakka also offers conceptualisation and production services for events of all sizes. Mellakka Events plans and implements events, brand activations, corporate events, trade fairs, promotions and virtual events, and also builds brand visibility in shops and restaurants.


  1. PR events
  2. Event production
  3. Brand activations
  4. Virtual events
  5. Brand visibility in shops and restaurants
  6. Promotions
Consulting and coaching, Social media and content production, Strategic planning
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An electric superbike that catches all eyes and reaches an enormous amount media visibility around the world
Events, Social media and content production
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Total takeover of social media makes known overnight
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In honour of the power of stories – Storytel Awards Gala
Communications and media relations, Influencers, Strategic planning
One Year of Silence – a campaign that silenced radio stations
Communications and media relations, Events, Influencers
Opening of Olivia restaurant at Helsinki Central Station viewed by a million
Sinebrychoff’s festival tour has the scale of a stadium-class band
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Communications and media relations, Events, Influencers
UNITY Talks – how to arouse the interest of a B2B target group?
Communications and media relations, Events, Influencers
Makia’s 100% sustainable clothing collection: true or false?
Communications and media relations, Events, Influencers
Lux Helsinki – winter light festival breaks visitor records with strong social media and media presence
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