Vuosi hiljaisuutta

One Year of Silence – a campaign the silenced the radio


When you have a big emergency, you have to make a lot of noise. But sometimes you can make your voice heard most effectively by being quiet. This was the case with the #vuosihiljaisuutta “One Year of Silence” campaign, which Mellakka Helsinki planned and implemented together with the Finnish live music association LiveFIN ry:n.

The event sector had been severely hit by the corona pandemic and had to cope without any operational capabilities or future prospects. The first anniversary since the start of the year of silence caused by the restrictions was approaching, and something had to be done.


“One Year of Silence” was a four-day campaign that culminated with a moment of silence on Friday 12 March 21, exactly one year since the Government recommended banning gatherings of over 500 people.

The aim of the intensive campaign was to highlight the emergency and generate public support in order to influence the decision-makers behind the demands. The campaign had to reach the actors in the field, the general public and the decision-makers.

All the key contributors worked pro bono. With a media budget of 0 euros, the campaign concentrated in gaining earned media.


The concept needed to depict the issue and highlight the unjust situation. “One year of silence” summarized this simply and effectively, silence being the antithesis for live music.

The hashtag #vuosihiljaisuutta welcomed people to share their stories and own experiences. We contacted artists, festivals and concert venues beforehand to give them a heads-up of the campaign and invited them to join. Their posts quickly sparked more conversation.

The hashtag did not rule out other fields, and restaurateurs, for example, participated as well.

Moment of silence

By planning the campaign around one specific moment in time, we had a natural climax for the campaign that was easily transformed into an event. A moment of silence is a strong, emotional statement. Several radio stations from different media corporations joined our effort. To ensure this, we made a tactical choice to go with 14.05, the time when the Government banned gatherings, instead of 14.00, the time when the press conference started, so that the moment of silence would not overlap with news bulletins on the hour.

In addition to radio, the public was invited to join the moment of silence through Facebook event which quickly attracted nearly 10.000 participants.

Saving live music

The campaign was not just about drawing attention to the unjust situation but demanding action from the decision-makers. The clearly worded demands and solution proposals by LiveFIN were communicated consistently throughout the campaign from press releases to social media posts that were easy to copy and share.


The campaign united – quite historically – Finland’s commercial radio stations, when a moment of silence was observed on around 20 radio stations, most of which were nationwide. Aito Iskelmä, HitMix, Iskelmä, Me Naiset Radio, Radio Helsinki, Radio Nostalgia, Radio Nova, Radio Pooki, Suomipop, Radio Rock, Radio 957, SuomiRock and SuomiRäp, to name some.

In addition, the campaign attracted 67 print and digital media hits with a potential coverage of nearly five million, as well as numerous radio and tv interviews, among which a spot on morning television.

Over 3,000 public social media posts were published using the campaign’s #vuosihiljaisuutta hashtag, including many by Finland’s top artists, such as Antti Tuisku, Vesala, Maija Vilkkumaa, Suvi Teräsniska and Ellinoora, and political figures, such as the Minister of Science and Culture at the time, Annika Saarikko.

The potential reach of social media mentions during the four-day campaign grew to almost 7 million. The Facebook event for the moment of silence attracted nearly 10,000 participants and reached 300,000 people.

The campaign was highlighted during Parliamentary question time and promoted important discussions with MPs and other political decision-makers. The hashtag lives on and new posts are still being published using it.

  • 67 print and digital media hits with a potential coverage of 4.7 million
  • Earned media value 481,000€ (digital news media only)
  • Numerous radio and tv interviews
  • Over 3,000 public social media post using the hashtag #vuosihiljaisuutta with a potential coverage of almost 7 million
  • The Facebook event for the moment of silence attracted nearly 10,000 participants and reached 300,000 people

Today it is exactly one year since the first restrictions hit and all events and gigs got cancelled. For a whole year, tens of thousands of people in my branch in Finland have been prohibited to work. I won’t go in to all the political details about how unfair it feels that we can’t organize SAFE events, but people can gather in big crowds in other places unsafely...or that a lot of us freelancers don’t have any unemployment benefits, since we’re regarded as self-employed...or that the government’s compensations are ridiculously small and not equally distributed... I’m just gonna say that this has been a hard year for everyone and that we will get through this sooner or later!❤️🙏🏼 Today we observe a minute of silence for the LIVE MUSIC that died a year ago...😷🎶❌
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Ville Valo onstage with HIM at tuskafestival 2017. Very nostalgic gig to shoot. Also we had a good time singing along and dancing a bit with markusshoots, ohmi23 and some other friends, after the 3 songs in the photopit.

Yeah. It's been too long since the events were a thing. And I have not even lost my livelihood due to pandemics, like basically the whole event industry and performing artists.

Stay home, keep the safe distance, wash your hands and wear a fu*king mask. And get that damn vaccine.

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Hope dies last. Or so they say.

One year ago today was the day live music was cancelled for the foreseeable future. Obviously anyone with half a brain understands that drastic measures have had to be taken since we’re dealing with a global pandemic. However, the inequality of restrictions within different professions is undeniable. The lack of public dialogue concerning OUR line of work is a fucking travesty.

Today is the day (NOW IF EVER) when everyone should take a moment to think about artists of all sorts and their influence on everyday lives. How many hours a day do you listen to Spotify? How many episodes of X do you watch on Netflix before going to bed? How many paintings do you own? Who have you met during festivals? The list goes on.

Artists are not disposable. We demand to be recognised in this crisis along with the GIGANTIC forces behind us (management, promoters, PR teams etc).

And before some wise ass thinks this is what I meant - NO, we don’t want to gather thousands of people together during a pandemic, we just demand support to make sure when this is over, we will still be here to provide YOU with unforgettable and magical evenings with your loved ones.

Catch me on yleareena’s live stream today at 14.05 talking about this and more with vakioraine from lutakkoclub


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Klo 14.05 ❌

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#vuosihiljaisuutta ...

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Ajattelen tänä ohjelmatoimiston frouvi, ketkä teke voileivät valmiks takahuanen pöyräl, kiartue-emäntti, ketkä hualehti, et keikkapaikan takahuane löyty, julistemaakarei, ketkä kikkaile keikkakalenterin ja naamankuvan yhte, ompelijoi, ketkä teke esiintymispuvut kestäviks ja pestäviks, messukeskukse ystävällissi vahtmestarei, ketkä ujutta munt sivuovest sisäl, valoteknikoi, ketkä katto, et näky muttei häikäse, äänimiähi, ketkä vaihta mul mikrofonin patterin vartti enne esityst, et se kestä koko keika ja yliki, narikkaflikoi, lipumyyji, järjestyksevalvoji, tiarottaji, sopimuksensorvaji, muusikkoystävi, soittajapoikki, lavarunoilijakollekoi - mitä he mahta tänä puuhata? Jokasel mailman ihmisel vuarollas ja omal tavallas tämä aik korvil huitase. Tänä o Vuosi hiljaisuutta -hetki, misä muistetan tapahtuman tekijöi, kenen tyät o siirretty toistaseks-toistaseks-toistaseks jo vuare verra. Ajatuksi ja kajastuksi taivarannoil niin tekijöil ko meijä rakkail yleisöil.

Kuva: Arkistolehtleike sata vuat sit eli Me Naisist 2005 syksylt, runovideon kuvauksist, J-J Nippala.

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Happy Birthday to Hannes of Shiraz Lane ✌️
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Vakavaksi vetää.

#VuosiHiljaisuutta-kampanjalla vaaditaan suomalaisen elävän musiikin alan pelastamiseksi:

✖️ Taloudellista tukea, joka kohdistuu koko elävän musiikin ekosysteemiin: tapahtumajärjestäjiin, alihankintaketjuun, muusikoihin ja heidän välittäjäportaaseensa. Tämä edellyttää elävän musiikin ekosysteemin ja sen luomien työpaikkojen sekä alalle tyypillisten työn muotojen tunnistamista ja tunnustamista.
✖️ Tapahtumien takuutukimallia, joka aidosti toimii riskinhallinnan välineenä epävarmana aikana.
✖️ Julkista keskustelua ja tietoa alan exit-suunnitelmasta.
✖️ Julkista keskustelua ja tietoa alaan vaikuttavista tulevaisuuden näkymistä.
✖️ Musiikkialan ammattilaisten ehdottamien ratkaisumallien ottamista osaksi päätöksentekoa.

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Niko of Temple Balls in 2019 🔥
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✨ #vuosihiljaisuutta ✨
It's been a extremely rough year for all the musicians and performing artists out there. The year of silece..
Let's keep the hope for better times coming🙏
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Welcome spring

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Mellakka Helsinki: Mari Wainio, Annina Pikkumäki, Lauri Leskinen, Pasi Lindqvist (N2 Creative) 
LiveFIN ry: Jenna Lahtinen, Piia Lääveri, Maiju Talvisto
Graphic design: Jesse Tielinen