Sunrise Avenue

This Is the End. Anticipation and emotions filled the Sky Room at Hotel Clarion in Helsinki in December 2019. One of the internationally most successful Finnish bands, Sunrise Avenue, had decided to call it quits. The scale of the news called for an international press conference that was streamed live through the band’s channels.

Media and fans from all over Europe were invited to join the event with carefully created settings worthy of the news. The aim was to communicate the magnitude of the announcement, convey the atmosphere of the emotional day and leave a first-rate digital footprint.

Stadiums all over Europe would not have sold out if Mellakka had not come up with the idea of an international press conference that was executed perfectly. I rarely meet professionals with such courageous and creative mindset combined with the ability to carry out the visions over the finish line. My collaboration with Mellakka does not end with Sunrise Avenue. I want my hockey team’s centre to be creative and reliable, someone whose head is always in the game and who I can count on when the opponent brings on the heat. And of course, they have to be fun to play with.
– Samu Haber