is a Finnish company that reduces food waste by selling surplus groceries through its online store. has been a client of Mellakka Helsinki since the beginning of 2020. During this time, we have generated visibility for the fast-growing technology and e-commerce company in various media and on the channels of influencers through various promotions.

For example, during Surplus Food Week (Hävikkiviikko), which has been held for several years, we set ourselves a goal of standing out from the rest. We challenged three influencers and the CEO of to live for a week on surplus food. Influencers Jutta Larm, Arttu Mustonen and Sara Chafak took up the challenge together with Juhani Järvensivu from

The influencers lived a week on surplus food, purchasing it from the online store, hunting for the red price tags in stores, and going out to zero-waste restaurants.

Timing was essential: the campaign was implemented a week before the actual start of Surplus Food Week. This gave us a great opportunity right at the start of Surplus Food Week to offer the media four different influencers to interview with fresh and personal experience of living on surplus food.

Widespread visibility was gained in various media: the influencers and representatives of were interviewed by the likes of MTV3, Iltalehti and several radio stations. In addition, tremendous visibility was achieved through the social media channels of the influencers themselves, as well as lots of interesting content for’s own social media channels.

Before we got to work, we carried out a situational review of’s media visibility. In just one year, we managed to triple it. At the same time, the team did amazing work and managed to triple the company’s revenues. We went into the summer holidays in an international mood, announcing in business media that had received significant funding and was now planning to take on the world!